Graphic design
Network solutions
Tariff Programming

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  You already thought of the fact that many office automation tasks are repetitive and thus make badly waste not time with the people who manage them?  
Customer-server programming Internet (VB NET,Visual Basic, VBA, SQL-SERVER, ACCESS, ASP,PHP, HTML, JAVA, Clipper).
Management of plannings, stock
Extractions of data (of one counted) and transfer to other files
Automatic generation of account activities
Injection of data, various sources, in an accountancy
Connection between your spreadsheet and other programs (OLE)
Optical Character Reading, barcodes
Creation of Web sites
Compression of images (GIF, jpg, etc...)
Animations (animated GIF)Forms (Sendings automatic of email or data entries of various information)
Referencings near the search engines
Creation of search engines
Dynamic pages (connections of your pages to dated bases SQL-Server, Access...)
Electronic Shopping, Trade... (E-Shop)
Controls of data entries of information (n of accounts, Visa cards, n of VAT, etc...)
Management of statistics
Multilingual sites (ASP)

Graphic design
Creation and Desktop publishing on Mac and PC (Photoshop, X-Press, Illustrator, Acrobat, Word...)
Web design (Dreamweaver)
Graphic consultancy
Networks solutions
Installating, udates and fixing of networks for Mac and PC
E-mails and files servers
<Tariff Programming>
  Tariff of the programming
  Programming and Analysis  
Tariff, all inclusive according to an analysis
Hourly tariff, degressive according to the length